The Benefits of a Pre-sale Home Inspection

Take initiative when selling your home … prevent the home inspection from being your “deal breaker”!

Usually, a professional home inspection is completed by a prospective buyer before the deal to purchase a home is finalized. The home’s final sale is most often subject to a home inspection, as well as financing and insurance.

In my experience, the home inspection is the biggest hurdle for the seller. Home inspections can be a great source of stress for the seller, as they hold their breath and hope that the condition of their home will be satisfactory for the prospective buyer.

It is not uncommon for a sale of a home to fall through due to the results of the home inspection. What can also happen is that after a home inspection, the buyer can request a decrease in price – because of the problems identified in the inspection. Or, the buyer can request the problems to be repaired within a certain time frame, which usually causes panic to the seller, as well as unexpected costs.

By getting a pre-sale home inspection done, you are taking a proactive step towards selling your home. Although this can cost between $300 to $400, the inspection can identify problems that may prevent a future sale. Once you have had a pre-sale home inspection done, you can fix or repair the problems BEFORE they become an issue to prospective buyers.  By addressing your repairs beforehand, you will reduce your stress and have more confidence as you move forward with selling your home.

Selling Feature – Put The Report On Your Table For Viewings!

Having the inspection report on your table or counter for viewings is a definite selling feature. You can also display the receipts for the repair costs, to show them that any issues were fixed. This home inspection will also give confidence to the buyers if/when they make an offer!