Mar 15/18 – Team Morse Newsletter

March 2018 Issue

Mike Morse

Hi Everyone!

Everyone We have seen some warmer days in the past while, so at the time of writing this, it feels like spring is on the way.  However, snow isn’t uncommon in March, so we better not speak too soon.

With the spring comes the spring market, and we do feel the market getting busier the past couple of weeks.  Our January and February stats were not the best, but we are hopeful the March stats will be better, judging from the activity at this point.

Here are some articles to bring you up to speed with what’s been happening this past month in the Prince Rupert area:

$1.4M for cannery’s biggest restoration project

Shortest sailing time to Asian markets gives Prince Rupert Port a major edge in exports

Thrilling finish to 59th All Native Tournament

Strong Canadian growth forecast after laden import surge in 2017

Australian LNG company pulls out of project near Prince Rupert, B.C.

City of Prince Rupert gains complete ownership of Watson Island

Port Ed’s $172,000 new boat launch ready for fishing season

Prince Rupert Grain cancels 350,000 tonnes of business

If you have any questions about Prince Rupert real estate or anything discussed in this newsletter, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us.

Thank you.

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Prince Rupert (& Area) Real Estate

February 2018 was a bit slower than February 2017. Also, as of the end of February this year, there were 38 more listings on the market than last year. This is the first month in quite some time that the stats aren’t similar to the year before. We will see what next month brings!

SALES (all types):
# of sales in Feb 2017 – 17
# of sales in Feb 2018 – 10

YEAR-TO-DATE SALES (all types)
As of Feb 28, 2017 – 31
As of Feb 28, 2018 – 26

1 – Industrial
2- Residential land
1 – House on more than an acre
6 – Houses

As of Feb 28, 2017 – 159
As of Feb 28, 2018 – 197

As of Feb 28, 2017 – $ 257,293
As of Feb 28, 2018 – $ 247,083

As of Feb 28, 2017 – $ 8,506,450
As of Feb 28, 2018 – $ 6,607,400

The stats are based in whole or in part on information supplied by the BC Northern Real Estate Board for the period January 1, 2017 through February 28, 2018.

3 Easy Easter Craft Ideas

Easter, and hopefully spring, too, is on the horizon — good news for anyone with a sweet tooth. However you choose to spend Easter Day, it is a chance to try out some really neat crafting projects. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Monogrammed eggs instead of place cards
    If you’re having people over for a meal, this is a great way to add a seasonal touch to your place settings. Instead of place cards, hard-boil some white eggs, and then, use a gold paint marker to write each guest’s initials.
  • Create magical, mottled eggs
    While you won’t want to serve up rare bird eggs at Easter (or any other time), you can easily create some that look like they come from a mythical creature (depending on your colour choices). Take some regular white eggs, and dye them as you would normally. You can use any colour, as long as it’s not too dark. (You want your next colour to show up!) Then, choose some acrylic paint in a another colour, and water it down very slightly. Dip a fine paintbrush into the paint, and splatter the eggs for a realistic mottled effect.
  • Simple sock bunnies for the little ones
    Mix it up from all the chocolate by giving your children a handmade sock bunny this Easter. It’s really simple, too! First, fill your sock with one cup of rice. Then, use clear elastic bands to create a head and body. The remaining, unfilled part of the sock will become your ears.

    Next, use a circle of felt to create the bunny’s tummy, smaller pieces of felt for nose and teeth, a pair of googly eyes, and a cotton ball for its tail. Lastly, cut the loose part of the sock in half and round off for the ears.

Local Events

North Coast Whale Festival
North Coast Convention Centre (Chances)
April 14, 2018 (10am-4pm)
Provas de Vinho – Annual Evening of Music & Wine Tasting (Luso Portuguese Club)
Moose Hall
April 14, 2018 (7pm to 1am)

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