Dec 15/17 – Team Morse Newsletter

December 2017 Issue

Mike Morse

Hi Everyone!

We are nearing the end of 2017, and we are grateful for another decent year in real estate, as well as for the positive events in Prince Rupert that have occurred throughout the year.

We had some significant news this past month.  Pembina Pipeline Corporation approved the development of its proposed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) export terminal.  The Prince Rupert terminal will be located at the old mill site, Watson Island. They have said that the “project will provide significant economic benefits to the Prince Rupert area including 150 to 200 construction positions and, once operational, it will create between 20 to 30 full-time positions in addition to generating annual property tax revenue and lease payments.”  We’ll take that!

Here’s an article on Pembina’s announcement:

Pembina Pipelines approves LPG export terminal in Prince Rupert

Since our last newsletter, here are some other news articles to catch you up on what’s been happening in Prince Rupert.

AltaGas hires mostly local for construction of its propane terminal

The Port of Prince Rupert welcomed the biggest container ship to dock in Canada

Port delivers a $1 billion injection into Northern B.C.’s economy

Mariners Park playground open in Prince Rupert

WCC LNG office to close in Rupert

VIDEO: Homeless shelter opens with 25 beds

Port is major economic driver in Prince Rupert

As 2017 is winding down and we head into the Christmas season, we wish you all the joys of the season and happiness throughout 2018.

Thank you!

Mike & Nikki Morse, REALTORS®

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November 2017
Prince Rupert (& Area) Real Estate

Lately, many people have been asking us how the market is doing. Our response is “Just fine!”. As you can see from the numbers below, we’re still slightly ahead in sales from this time last year. We may sound like a broken record, but the market has been solid and steady for quite some time. The news that Pembina will be moving forward with a liquid propane terminal on Watson Island will only have a positive effect on our market.

SALES (all types):
# of sales in Nov 2016 – 8
# of sales in Nov 2017 – 13

YEAR-TO-DATE SALES (all types)
As of Nov 30, 2016 – 189
As of Nov 30, 2017 – 199

2 – Half-duplexes
1 – Townhouse
10 – Houses

As of Nov 30, 2016 – 170
As of Nov 30, 2017 – 164

As of Nov 30, 2016 – $ 267,045
As of Nov 30, 2017 – $ 275,770

As of Nov 30, 2016 – $ 49,099,720
As of Nov 30, 2017 – $ 53,044,300

The stats are based in whole or in part on information supplied by the BC Northern Real Estate Board for the period January 1, 2017 through November 30, 2017.

The Definitive Guide to Wrapping Holiday Gifts

Whether you have your gift shopping well underway or have yet to start, it will soon be time to do some wrapping. Bright, colourfully wrapped gifts are one of the many picturesque elements of the festive season, but that perfect look isn’t always easy to achieve.

To give you a hand this year, here’s a step-by-step guide to gift wrapping.

Get everything together

Wrapping your gifts isn’t going to be any easier if you have to run around hunting for tape part way through. Before you start wrapping, make sure you have everything you need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • A flat surface big enough for the gifts you want to wrap

BONUS TIP: Make life easy for yourself

One of the biggest questions that crops up around gift wrapping is how to wrap oddly shaped items. The simple answer is: don’t!

A square or rectangular box is the easiest thing to wrap, right? So, just put unusually shaped items in a box, using some packing tissue to make sure they won’t slide around.

Figure out how much paper you need

It pays to get this right. Too little and you’ll have to start all over again; too much and you’ll make things more difficult as you fight with bundles of excess paper.

Unroll your paper, and place the gift on it. Pull the paper over the gift until you have enough to cover all four sides. Then, estimate how much you’ll need to cover the ends.

Fix things in place

Wrapping is much easier if the gift isn’t sliding around all the time. Fold one side of the paper up and over the gift until it is halfway across the top. Use a piece of tape to hold it there.

Fold the next side over

Bring the other side of the paper over until it overlaps with the first one. Don’t tape it down yet, though. However well you cut the paper, the edge can be a little ragged. For a neater look, fold over the edge of the paper to create a seam, and then tape it down.

Now for the ends

This part is a little more difficult but easy enough once you get the knack. Start with the side of the paper that is on the top. Fold it down against the end of the gift, creating a sort of wing. Do the same with the other side of the paper.

Next, flatten the two “wings” you have created against the end of the gift. That will leave you with a triangle of paper, which you can also flatten against the end of the gift. Again, to create a neat seam, you can fold over the point of the triangle. Tape this in place to secure the end of the gift.

Repeat this process with the other end.

Tying the perfect ribbon

OK, we’ve dealt with the paper, now for the finishing touch. Start by cutting the right length of ribbon — around five times the length of your gift.

  1. Lay the wrapped gift upside down on top of your ribbon (lengthwise).
  2. Lift the ribbon ends up and cross right over left, pulling them widthwise.
  3. Holding tight so the cross you have made doesn’t slip, turn the gift over and bring the ribbon ends around over the top of the gift.
  4. Bring the ribbon ends under where it runs lengthwise across the top of the gift.
  5. Double-not the ribbon around the lengthwise section.
  6. Tie a bow. Neaten the bow’s loops with your fingers after you have done so.
  7. Finish off your bow by cutting the ribbon ends. First, pinch the ribbon, and then cut at 45 degrees. This creates the forked ends.

Voila! You’re done. (Except for all the other gifts, of course.)

Local Events

The Last Minute Market Christmas Blow-Out
Moose Hall
December 16th and 23rd from 9am -12:30pm
Snowed In Comedy Tour
Lester Centre of the Arts
January 3rd from 8pm – 11pm