Investing in Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert – Canada’s Northern Gateway for Asia-North American Trade

Prince Rupert and Port Edward are embarking on one the most exciting growth periods in recent history. Now is the time to expand business in the region and enjoy the many strategic advantages our area has to offer.

The Port of Prince Rupert is sustaining its strong growth as a key North American gateway and this is having a positive impact. Prince Rupert boasts North America’s fastest growing port for transpacific trade.

Among other projects, there have been several multi-billion dollar Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) projects proposed for our area, which involve the construction of a liquefaction facility and associated port infrastructure. The facilities would receive natural gas from northeast BC via pipeline.

Why has the Prince Rupert region been chosen as the location for these major projects?

Located on the Northwest coast of British Columbia, Prince Rupert has several distinct advantages that have put us in the international spotlight:

  • The Port of Prince Rupert is the closest North American port to Asia by up to three days.
  • Our Port has five world-class terminals, including the fastest-growing container terminal in North America
  • Prince Rupert has the second deepest, natural, ice-free harbour in the world, making our coastline more valuable because it can handle the large vessels deployed for transpacific trade
  • Our superior uncongested rail and road connections mean efficient access to the entire North American continent
  • The Prince Rupert region has ample industrial land ready for development
  • The Port of Prince Rupert is sustaining its strong growth as a key North American gateway and this is having a positive impact on Prince Rupert (and other communities across northern British Columbia).

Prince Rupert’s geographic advantages, plus the Port of Prince Rupert’s ability to plan ahead has created a foundation to allow for significantly more trade growth to Asia. Mike and Nikki believe that even if a LNG project doesn’t materialize in our region, Prince Rupert still has a positive future because of our strong and progressive Port.

Current Projects in Prince Rupert

Primarily because of the advantages listed above, there are numerous projects either in place or being proposed for the Prince Rupert area. This includes the development of several multi-billion dollar liquified natural gas (LNG) plants and energy export projects.

In September of 2016, the Canadian Government approved the $11.4 billion Pacific NorthWest LNG export terminal on Lelu Island to proceed, with 190 legally-binding conditions to be met.  This was a significant step forward for the LNG presence in our region.  The next step is to see if the proponent will commit to the project.

Existing and proposed projects in the Prince Rupert region:

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